iPads at a Glance

The iPad is a type of computing device known as a “tablet” computer. The lightweight design of a tablet computer enables it to provide computing services – word processing, email, internet, digital music, etc – away from the conventional office desk and without the need to continually provide electrical power. There is no need to provide a flat surface to type on a keyboard. The iPad designed by Apple provides a touchscreen that responds to a touch or glide of your finger, instead of using a computer mouse.

To use your iPad for any purpose, you need to run an “App”. App is short for application and as far as the iPad is concerned, is a specially written computer program that runs on iOS. There are a number of Apps that Apple have preloaded onto your iPad before sale and these include Mail, Safari, Photos, Music, Maps and about 12 more. The icons you see on the iPad screen are the Apps that are loaded on your iPad. There are plenty more Apps available, both free and priced, through the App Store (which is covered here).

The picture below lists the main external parts of an iPad with brief explanations for each.

Screen On/Off – turns the screen either on or off. Turning the screen off when not in use is handy to increase battery life.

Headphone socket – plug in point for external headphones

Back and Front Camera – Cameras available for taking photos, videos and can be used with FaceTimeā„¢ (for more information on click here.

Lock – Set the preferenceĀ  to use this button to silence the speaker or lock screen rotation.

Volume – Set the speaker or headphone volume up or down

Dock Socket – plug in point for the iPad dock connector

Speaker – built in audio output (silent when headphones are plugged in)

App Icons – Apps (applications) are accessible by tapping once on the screen

Home Button – Press to return out of an App to the Home screen or to go to the search screen.

To access any of the Apps already installed on your iPad, simple tap them with your finger. After a couple of seconds the App will start up.

Mobile Web browsing is a great advantage of the iPad and Safari is the web browsing App provided by Apple. It is fast and capable and is available by default in the special Dock at the bottom of the Home screen.
This website has been designed to give you a short start on the iPad but is not able to run through all aspects of the iPad. More information is available directly from Apple’s website by clicking here.