Google G Suite at Danebank

Danebank uses G Suite (formerly Google Apps) in the classroom to let students collaborate over the web in a simple and safe way. This site explains what you need to know about Google services at Danebank, and also makes recommendations about how they can be used from home or anywhere else outside the school.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is a cloud service incorporating email, calendar, an office suite, unlimited cloud storage, and other applications available from the Chrome Web Store that work right within the browser without requiring installation. Because it is a cloud service, it works anywhere you have an internet connection and across many devices.

How Danebank Uses Google in the Classroom

How to Log Into A Google Account on a Personal Computer

How to Set Up a Shared Computer for G Suite Access

What is Google Chrome?

What is a Chromebook?

What do students agree to when using Danebank’s Chromebooks?

More Information

If you would like to learn more about the G Suite or other Google services, the links below may assist you in finding more information. We’ll be happy to assist if you have any specific inquiries about any of the technologies or services mentioned in this page. Please email IT Support at or call the front office.

External Information Sites
About G Suite
How Secure is G Suite?