How Danebank Uses Google In The Classroom

Using technology to learn is important at Danebank; we use use Google Apps to learn in an engaging media-rich and interactive way. By signing into her Google Account your daughter gains access to all these services. While each year group uses apps differently, these are some of the most common ones used on a day to day basis.

Year 3 undertake cybersafety training and sign a Gmail user agreement before they can use their school Gmail account. You may view the current agreement here.

You may already be very familiar with Gmail if you use it as your personal email service. Danebank uses Gmail for both teachers and students as it allows us to read emails reliably across all devices without syncing or delays. It also works
great on mobile phones
and tablets. If your daughter wishes to use her Danebank Gmail on a mobile device we recommend downloading the Gmail application from the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Drive is a cloud storage application that may be used across many devices. It’s available either as a web application that allows users to access saved files. The application allows users to share files and folders with other Google users, allowing files to be shared in real time.

Teachers can share files and folders with students through Drive. Potential uses include sharing lesson templates with students, or as an assignment drop box.

Docs is a word processor that works entirely within the browser. Google Docs are compatible with all devices with a web browser, and have the unique advantage of allowing multiple collaborators to edit the same document at once. The Doc is saved automatically to Drive in the background with periodical revisions available if the document needs to be returned to a previous edit, meaning no more “I accidentally deleted my work” disasters.

In the classroom environment, this could allow students to work on a report together without being concerned about who has the latest version of the document.

Slides is a presentation editor that works within the browser. Compatible across many device types, Slides allows presentations to be collaborated on in real-time. Revisions are saved in the background to Drive.

In a classroom environment, this could allow students to create a group presentation without thinking about versioning, or even collaborate from home.

Sheets is a spreadsheet program that works within the browser, supporting all the essential features of spreadsheets with some additional tools underpinned by Google’s powerful search capabilities.



More Applications…
These applications are not the only ones available to the students. Google offers a wide variety of useful web applications which can be viewed here: Chrome Web Store

More Information

If you would like any more information about any of these applications, please take a look at this website.