How to Set Up a Shared Computer for G Suite Access

Just like your web browser might automatically sign you into websites¬†you log into often, your daughter’s Google Account may also remember her login on any browser she uses to sign into G Suite. This may mean that you may experience trouble signing into your own Gmail account, as the browser will remember both your account and your daughter’s account.

In order to prevent this, it is recommended that you create a profile in Google Chrome which allows you to let multiple users have their own sessions when browsing the web. You may wish to do this if you have a shared computer in the home that is used by various members of the family; following the process below will allow each member of the family to have their own profile with their own Google Apps, browsing history and other preferences you may have. This will also prevent other people who use the shared computer from accidentally sending emails from your daughter’s school email address, for instance.

  1. Install Google Chrome
    Google Chrome can be downloaded from here for both Mac and PC. Follow the prompts, and the installation will complete within a minute or so depending on your internet speed. Chrome will launch automatically after the installation is complete.
  2. Manage Profiles
    In the top right-hand corner of the browser window there will be a grey box with a person in it. Click on this, then click “Manage people”, and another window will appear displaying the profiles available in Chrome (in a new installation of Chrome there will only be one profile).
  3. Create a Profile
    In the new window displaying the profiles, in the bottom right corner, click the “Add Person” button. Type the name you wish to give the profile and select an icon. Click
    “Save” to finish.
  4. Sign into the new profile
    A new window will open with the name of the profile in the top right hand corner. Click this button, then “Sign into Chrome”. Sign in with the school email address to complete the process. Chrome will now automatically sign your daughter’s account into Google and allow her to use G Suite apps. Switch between accounts by clicking on the grey profile name button to view a list of other profiles. There’s no limit to the number of profiles that can be added, even without signing into a Google Account (just ignore step 4 to create a profile without a Google Account).
  5. Complete
    Now the process of adding a new profile is complete, you can choose which profile to use by clicking on the profile name in the top right hand corner of the window.