Chromebook Usage Agreement

This page outlines the policy that students agree to when using school-owned Chromebooks.

Students agree to:

  • Be responsible for the Chromebook assigned to them.
  • Keep their Chromebook safely in their drawer or in the trolley at school when not in use.
  • Follow all teacher direction about the use of their Chromebook.
  • Use the Chromebook for educational purposes only during school time. Students will not send messages to parents or friends during school hours.
  • Use the Chromebook for learning.
  • Put their Chromebook in the trolley to be charged each night.

Students agree to:

  • Use all the Google Apps (including e-mail) in a responsible manner.
  • Contribute/comment thoughtfully on blogs and forums.
  • Follow the THINK principles in relation to all online publishing.
  • Take only photos/videos the teacher has asked me to take for educational purposes.
  • Use photos with students in school uniforms on school sites only.
  • Ask permission before using images or video of themselves or others on social networking sites.
  • Aim to be a responsible digital citizen.

Students also understand that if they fail to follow these rules they will have their Chromebook and/or network rights removed for an agreed period of time.