What is iTunes and why is it important to the iPad?

Once you have purchased an iPad, the first activity is usually to connect it to iTunes on the home PC or Mac.

iTunes is Apple’s way of connecting your PC or Mac to the iPad, a sort of all-purpose swiss army tool for talking to your iPad. iTunes handles the following:

  • Synchronising (or “Synching”) your iPad so that all your Apps, contacts, calendars are up to date.
  • Purchasing Apps for your iPad on your Mac or PC (you can also do this directly on the iPad. More on this later)
  • Managing electronic books from Apple iBooks
  • Managing music and movies
  • Managing photos
  • Checking your iPad set up.
  • Copying files for Apps to and from your iPad

There is also a version (or App) of iTunes on the iPad for buying music. Don’t be confused as it is NOT the same as iTunes for the Mac/PC, it is just for music purchases.

Many families already have iTunes installed on the home PC to supply music to an iPod or iPhone. If you do not have iTunes available you can install it from here.

The installation process for iTunes is the same as for any other software on your PC or Macintosh. If you are unsure about this, it may be worthwhile contacting your PC consultant or PC expert in your family to help with the installation.

Once you have iTunes installed you will need an Apple ID to purchase Apps for the iPad. Many people will already have an Apple ID for music downloads for iPods or iPhones. You can use the same Apple ID for the iPad. To register for an Apple ID, follow the steps shown here – Apple ID Support.

More information on iTunes is available from Apple by clicking here.