Tips and Troubleshooting


  1. Clicking the “Home” button at the bottom of the iPad at any time while using  an App will take you back to your home page, where all your App icons live.
  2. You can tip you iPad sideways to use it in “landscape” orientation. This displays a larger text as well as letting you use a larger onscreen keyboard. Not all Apps support the landscape orientation.
  3. To completely power off the iPad, press and hold the power button (the one on top) until you see a red slider button. Slide the red button to power off.
  4. You can protect single Apps like iTunes so that family members can’t max out your credit card with music. Go to Settings, then General, then Restrictions. Press Enable Restrictions and type a password, then turn on the restrictions you want for the apps available. Note that this password is different from your iTunes password – you’ll need to tap in both.
  5. You can quickly return to the top of a Safari webpage by tapping on the top area of the screen (near the black line at the top). This works for those long lists of email in the Mail App as well.
  6. Don’t have too many Apps open at once. You can close running Apps that are not needed by double clicking the Home button, which pushes up the current App to show a special dock of currently running Apps.

    Hold your finger on one of the App icons for a couple of seconds. All the App icons in the dock start to jiggle and show a small red cross. Tap on the cross to close any unneeded  Apps then tap back on your main App.


  1. If your iPad becomes frozen, you can force a reset by holding in both the power and Home buttons until you see the power off red button. Slide the red button to power off normally. Then power back on.
  2. If an app is not working when you come to Danebank, make sure you have authenticated with your school username and password in Safari first.

More troubleshooting hints are available from Apple by clicking here.