eBooks and Textbooks

The one of the main intentions of introducing iPads to Danebank is to provide access to electronic and portable versions of student textbooks and reading material. The benefits of this will be to reduce the cost of student textbooks to parents and to reduce the weight of students school bags and to provide a massive reduction in paper usage together with its environmental benefits.

There are a number of advantages in having books loaded onto the iPad. If for example, we upload the Maths book, Science Book, Dictionary, Thesaurus, Atlas, Bible and an English novel onto an iPad for Year 7, 8 and 9 students, we decrease the weight of the school bag by several kilograms. Students will always have access to all those resources in class.

In 2012, almost all books will be provided electronically, with just a few remaining as printed books. The number of paper books remaining on the textbook list will diminish in future years.

Danebank has¬†negotiated preferential pricing on behalf of Danebank students to assist with costs. In order to arrange this, Danebank have agreed to purchase the eTexts in bulk from each publisher and store the content on iDanenet¬†for students to access and download. Students will be billed for the cost of their books in their Term 1 fees in 2012. More information about this is available under the heading ‘Cost’ on the More Questions page.

Students joining us in Year 7 2012 will have time on their Orientation day Friday 27th January to arrange for the download of texts so they have some time to be prepared.

Students in Year 8 to Year 12 will be downloading the necessary texts in class with their teachers once they begin school on Monday 30th January.

Our IT staff will also be on hand to assist should there be need for further assistance.