Junior School Questions

How does Danebank use Google G Suite and Google Accounts?

Please follow the link below to learn about how Danebank uses Google services in the classroom and the home.

Google G Suite at Danebank

Which iPad?

iPad 2 or above, as your daughter will need a camera. If you are looking to purchase an iPad for your daughter, we suggest wifi only and 32GB or above.

What about Apps?

  1. An App list will available at the beginning of each year. They will be free in most instances and those that do attract a cost will be limited to a total of $80.00 for the year. Each term students may be asked to add new apps because it is impossible to predict which apps are available or useful over the coming year ahead.
  2. We recommend your child does not have your iTunes password and that you as the parent have authority over any apps that are installed on your child’s iPad. We suggest that parents download these Apps.

What about keeping iPads safe?

  1. Student’s iPads will be stored in their desks when not in use during the day.
  2. Your daughter will need to have a unique key code to access her iPad which you also know.
  3. Parents will need to make their own arrangement with regard to device insurance.

What about social interaction?

Clearly, face to face social interaction between the girls is essential. For this reason, girls will not be allowed to use their iPads during break times, at Recess/Lunch in the playground, during afterschool pickup or on the school bus.

Is Internet access safe at school?

Yes. We are fortunate to have an excellent wireless network at Danebank and all users on our network are filtered. Any wifi iPad will connect under these existing filters. We do not recommend 3G/4G enabled devices, and we will require any 3G/4G devices that are brought to school to have the SIM card removed. All school social networking sites (eg. Edmodo, Moodle Messaging and Google Applications) can be tracked by the school’s technology support staff. While your child is at home they remain under your home network security.

What about recharging?

Students should recharge their iPads at home each night and this should become a habit they develop.

What about Cyberbullying?

  1. From Kindergarten onwards we teach students to be ethical users and creators of digital content. Edmodo, Moodle Messaging and Google Applications are all Danebank secure social networking sites that teachers can monitor to allow girls to develop these skills. Students will sign a Code of Conduct Agreement (co-signed by parents) to gain an iPad licence. The student iPad Code of Conduct Agreement will be given to each student. Any failure to comply with this code will result in the loss of the licence for an agreed period of time.
  2. As in any instance of bullying, digital or real life, school disciplinary procedures will be followed and any child found to be engaging in this kind of activity will lose access to our school network. As stated in our policy, Danebank responds quickly and decisively to any form of bullying to ensure our school is a safe place for all.
  3. Students have access to protected, well monitored on-line learning communities through Edmodo, Moodle Messaging and Google Applications. Students do not need access to other social networking sites and we discourage girls from having these applications loaded on their iPads.

What about handwriting?

iPads will only be used for some lessons each day and girls will continue to write notes using pen and paper. We value the student’s ability to communicate by handwritten script and recognise that writing legibly and effectively will always be important.

How will the iPad be used in class?

The iPad will be like any other educational tool. It will be used for accessing reference material, creating videos, images, texts and contributing to discussions and sharing information. Any child who uses an iPad to “play games” in class time will have their iPad quarantined for the remainder of the lesson and will be given a warning. This falls under normal classroom management protocols. We anticipate that the girls will continue to be responsive and mindful learners.

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We are delighted to be continuing this program in 2015.